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Synthesis of 22 major Arcana

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In negative position, the meaning of arcana are the opposite.

The Magician :

A departure, a beginning, initiative, meeting items, learning, a young person, a teenager.


The High Priestess :

Intuition, introspection, initiation, hidden(s) thing(s), a mature woman rather old.


The Empress :

Intelligence, achievement, clarity, serenity, the consultant (for a woman)



The Emperor :

Stability, authority, firm determination to perform, the consultant (for a man)


The Hierophant :

Conciliation of opponents, wedding, solving a problem.


The Lovers :

Choice, free will, feelings, crossroads.


The Chariot :

Success, triumph, overcome difficulties, self-control.


Justice :

Equilibrium, bumph, justice, discipline, organization.


The Hermit :

Prudence, wisdom, slowly but surely progressing , loneliness, elderly person.


Wheel of Fortune :

Cycle, change, with its positive and negative motions , the wheel turns patiently, unblocking.


Strength :

Strength is by your side, dominated events with subtle, energy.


The Hanged Man :

Sacrifice of the body and / or spirit, selflessness, faith.


XIII or Death :

Transformation/Conversion, change for ... , mutation, occult initiation.


Tempérance :

Communication, Association, patience and serenity.


The Devil :

Magnetism, sex, instincts, passion, occult power.


The Tower :

Collapsing, destruction, anguish.


The Star :

Guide, to recover from his fall, a favorable moment, protection.


The Moon :

The home, the subconscious, the mother, the wife, receptive state, imagination.


The Sun :

Illumination, father, warmth, love, friendships.


Jugdement :

Renewal, revival, news from...


The World :

Travel, success, divine protection, fame.


The Fool :

Unforeseeable events, genius.

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