How to become Tarologist - Learning Tarot

Author's Preface

"Over twenty five years since the Tarot de Marseille has crossed my path and I finally decided to transmit his teaching and his Philosophy , because the Tarot is not only a method to practice cartomancy ...

Some people will say : " Why still another book on the subject ? "

Others will say : " Pfff ! This is all bullshit ! " and they'll be right because I had already speak too much ...

Others again may wonder why I did not mention this or that. It's just that I do not want to spoon-feed. As in any research, individual effort is required.

It is necessary to experiment by yourself...

Let me explain :

If pointing the paint of my car you say "this is red" and I'm color blind, I could understand what you say but I would not have seen the same thing as you.

This is why I tried to condense here, all my knowledge of the symbolism on the subject by trying to be as clear as possible but knowing Sometimes words have two means...

B. Z.

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