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How to choose your Tarot card game

As you may have already seen, there are different types of Tarot : Oswald Wirth Tarot, Grand Etteilla, the Rider-Waite Tarot, Aleister Crowley's Tarot and many more ...

So how to choose a Tarot deck ? Simply choose the one with whom you feel better.

Here I am concerned only with the Marseilles Tarot you will see the illustrations (© Grimaud). For me this is the one what I advise because I think it's the best.

A School of self-discovery.

The Tarot, although usually only used for divination, is a school of self-discovery. Stay humble face this Great Master.

This one teaches only those who wish to listen and accept his teaching.

Of course, he will not tell you to do this or that, but every truth, revealed on yourself is not pleasant to hear.

Are you ready to hear that you are angry, lazy or whatever and you'd better change your habits ?


No words can explain everything.

Someone said that a good sketch is worth than a thousand words. The symbols, symbolos in Greek "throw together" opposed to diabolos "to separate", speak by themselves.

For this reason, more than words, the Tarot uses pictures to tell you about.


Learn Tarot language, be curious.

Examine its colors. What color are the clothes of the characters : on the top and bottom, or to above and underneath ? Their respective order don't tells you anything ? What feelings different colors provide you ?

Look at their hats, their shape, their colors, can it give us an idea of their thoughts ?

Feel free to imitate the positions of the characters just to see how you feel or what it can produce on your entourage.


Ask yourself about gender of characters.

Some are hardly recognizable as for their gender. Perhaps you will recognize some friends in some of them. For example The Emperor can remind you a friend or someone else.


Open your eyes, learn to watch the arcana !

What does it mean the backslashes, just as in a mirror, of numbers XX and XXI on the cards of Judgement and The World ? Are there any common points between each figures which shock you ? What can this mean ?

Wanting to be a principle of evolution, note that the Marseille Tarot does not take "1" from "10" to write "9" (10 - 1 = 9 or X - I = IX ) but " 5 + 4 = 9 " ( " VIIII " instead of " IX " ). It's the same for other cards.


Nothing is supernatural, everything remains to be understood.

Watch the Nature, it is in our universe the greatest source of Knowledge and Wisdom. Nothing is useless. Remove or replace one note to The Great Nature Symphony and all its Music becomes cacophony.


Watch the stars but don't lose your mind !

To fathom the invisible and make a solid foundation, first you must travel with your own experiences and remain rational.


Keep a fair balance in everything.

The human needs to find harmony between his body and his spirit to assert himself positively in life. To despise your own material side only for the benefit of your own spiritual side is a big mistake ...


"Maybe one day the Tarot will take its place in your heart where it will whisper you it's valuable advices..."

B. Z.

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