Marseilles Tarot - Conclusion



I hope you this Tarot trip has been pleasant. Although the Tarot knows you well, sometimes too much well, even it could be embarrassing. There are things that we dare not admit or that we refuse to see but it is the price to pay for we advance on the path of Knowledge and the trip is full of pitfalls of all kinds.

Do not despair. At the beginning it is normal if this sounds difficult and complicated. Learn the symbolism in one or two hours is impossible. You will need time and as well tell you straight away : it's almost a labor of a lifetime.

Even I still discover some symbols that I had not seen before and i say to myself : "But how could have this to my side so many times without seeing it?"

Well, I gave you the keys of a bolide hyper-sophisticated, then courage, and drive carefully.

Keep in mind that, when you enter the Tarot world :

Chance does not exist ...

B. Z.


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