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The colors in the Tarot

Every color in Tarot is not due to chance. Indeed, each color has a natural vibration and its own symbol. Discover here how to interpret the symbolism of the Tarot in relation to arcane colors. For example the fact that the Hermit has a blue dress on the outside and red inside is not without significance. Each object in the Marseilles Tarot has the color that suits him to pass a certain message by assembly of symbols ...



This color has the particularity that more the fragmentation is important, more the blue becomes transparent. For example, the sea is blue but becomes transparent when its water is put in a bottle.
Ask yourself :
- What is blue ?
- What feelings give you blue color ?
- Does this blue color calm you or it makes you energetic ?


This is a warm color, the color of unconditional love but also the color of passion. Mixed with black it symbolizes the selfish love.
The blood is red, the lively hustle and bustle which stirs the passions.


It is the color of the sun and divinity, but also of gold used to worship the Creator.
Yellow is a cheerful color and invigorating.
The Nature's best wheat are grown in black rich and fertile soil.


In spring, everything blooms again grows and nature is green again. Green is a color equilibrant, a mix of blue and yellow.
If you are dazzled by the sun, look at the trees, their green leaves will soothe your eyes. Furthermore green is the color of emerald whose radius is it seems source of Life or Death. The Graal was carved from an emerald.



This color is specific to Tarot. It has nothing in common with skin color as it can be seen in life, but looks a bit like of wax. It symbolizes the hardware side of things, the matter itself as well.



This is not strictly speaking a color but this is not very important. The most fertile grounds are black.
The most black Coal as black as it is, can be transformed into pure diamond.


Just as black, white is not a color in fact it contains them all. White is a symbol of purity.

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