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The Magician (I)

This card is the first of the series of the 22 major arcana. It shows a young man holding a wand in his hand with various objects on a flesh colored table. His head is ornamented with a hat whose shape seems to be an eight, symbol of infinity.

The Magician is one who begins his quest. Note that it does not seem to fully control its tools.

All colors are represented in this tarot card and all minor arcana too.

The Magician - Major Arcana


Meanings :

This Arcanum can mean a departure, a beginning, a revival. It may also represent a young person, a teenager.

Negative position may indicate a false start, a poor start. a lack of means (You don't own all the elements). A lack of initiative.

"Go fearless Magician on the trails where your quest lead you, and never forget that the most greatest revolutions were made ​​with peace and love."

I : The Magician

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